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Our vision is to enable children and youth to become caring, knowledgeable, and creative citizens of tomorrow for the meaningful progress of our society through an affordable holistic education experience. Learn more about our vision please follow this link.

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Latest News
  • Teacher’s Day Celebration 2019
    Teacher’s Day Celebration ‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love for learning’ ...
  • Closing ceremony of summer program 2019
    Closing ceremony of summer program was held on July 31, 2019 that held the display of all the in-house club. Students from Grade 4 to 10 participated in this clubs Details of the clubs at the closing ...
  • Tax Exemption for SNPET
    Dear Friends of SNPET; We are pleased to announce a tax exemption of 2 (36) under Section 100 C approval has been granted for the next 3 years valid up to 30-06-2022....
  • Celebration of Independence Day 2019
    The Independence Day is one of the six public holidays observed in Pakistan and is celebrated all across the country so keeping the same notion alive. Sanjan Nagar also celebrated the day with high sp...
  • An Evening to Remember: the Story of Ghazal & Transformative Learning Journeys 2019
    A fundraiser titled "The Story of Ghazal"- its history, composition and performance was superbly crafted in support of the unique Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust (SNPET) and its Higher Secondary S...

  Enabling our Future
Currently help is needed with respect to the current school chapter which has grown from a primary, pre-primary to a senior school. The present school needs funds for....
  The School
Sanjan Nagar School System The School
Sanjan Nagar School System (SNSS) is a registered entity with the Education Directorate Government of Punjab.....
SNPET is striving to provide a wide array of facilities to its students and teachers .......
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