SNSS Case Studies

1. Sadia Sarwar Class of 2006

I joined Sanjan Nagar in 1996. I feel lucky when I glance back at my ten golden years I spent at Sanjan Nagar. This institution has equipped me with an excellent multifaceted education and experiences winch will be helpful throughout my future, much to the pride of my parents! Unlike the outdated education system widely prevalent in the country, Sanjan Nagar offers contemporary learning that matches the fertile minds of the young. The teachers help students develop excellent communication skills through conceptual learning and there is no rote-learning in their dictionary.. I am currently at the FC College University studying for an M. Phil. with merit based scholarship I have been successful in continuing to give an outstanding performance in my studies.

2. Sadia Khan's Transformation through Education. Class of 2007

Calling myself revolutionary wouldn't be an exaggeration, it is the quality of Sanjan Nagar. The world around me changed and the clouds of illiteracy withered away. Sanjan Nagar sparkled like a diamond in the sky, Its rays penetrated me, its warm and gentle AIMS held me like my mother through my entire journey of learning My family halls from Swat. My family village is in Matta, Swat; I have just graduated with a double degree of BA. BEd.

3. Sidra Shoalb - Class of 2012

If you can dream k you can do It …. the future belongs to those who believe In the beauty of their dreams. We are the reality of the future. L am a seed that Sanjan Nagar planted years ago….it nourished me and has prepared me for everything I face today and will face tomorrow.

Sanjan Nagar is a school which recognizes dignity and good organization. My teachers directed me at every step, exposed me to arts, music, sports, dance and so much more! While learning at Sanjan Nagar I achieved distinctions in Physics and Computer Science in my Matriculation. It is all of us students, learning everyday, empowering ourselves with knowledge and self confidence, who will be the true change we are all waiting for, the leaders we are all looking for, the nourishment this nation needs.

Words alone cannot express what Sanjan Nagar would always mean to me... but Sanjan Nagar is where I belong to!
My advice to you "Remember you are born to live, don’t live because you are born.” & there are many more indeed who do us proud and have promised support to SNSS as interns !oming Soon...