Previous Fundraisers

In 2004


Previous Fundraisers In 2004 Sanjan Nagar held its first fundraiser, 'Visions in Harmony' at the Asif Jah Haveli in Lahore city, featuring the legendary Indian artist, M.F Hussain, renowned Ghazal signer Farida Khanum and poetess, Zehra Nigah. The generosity of the artists, sponsors and patrons at this event helped raise eleven million rupees for the school campus. .

In 2005


In 2005, Indus Inspirations I, a synthesis of art and humanity was held at the Long Room of the Lord's Cricket Ground. It was a prestigious event with the auction featuring 42 paintings of Pakistan's old and young masters for sale. The event also offered a unique collector's item, an exquisitely designed coffee table book.


In 2010

On August 10, 2010 SNPET's progressive board took a major decision, shiftingprev_fund the paradigm of 'free' education for a limited number of students (600) in a single location only, to one of affordable education for the poorest, poor and stable income groups across Pakistan. With this aspiration we have embarked on a bold journey of replication of the Sanjan Nagar model at a time when 21 million people are affected by the worst emergency in 86 districts of Pakistan.