Sanjan Nagar Students celebrates Women’s Day At Governor House Lahore

On request of “Mrs. Sameera Makhdoom” (Mrs. Governor) Sanjan Nagar School has performedat Governor’s house on women’s day celebration 2013. School went to Governor’s house on Friday (08-03-13) for the rehearsal. The performance was based on the theme hope and dignity of the women.

SNPET girls performed on the famous poem ‘‘Umeed-e-saher ki baat suno’’ which is written by a famous poet Faiz ahmad Faiz. This classical presentation was presented as a welcome song to welcome all honorable guests.

Another valuable performance was a short skit “Hajra ki Umeed”. It was about the importance of women education. Little stars of Sanjan Nagar Shined at the Governor’s hall and spread the message of Hope and courage among all the women present there. Hajra was the main character of the play that was found of studies but her father was with pessimistic approach and never allowed her daughter to study.

In the end she become successful to convince father to allow her to study and he set an example for the whole family and Nation to allow girls for studies.

Principals of Morning, Evening and Nishtar campuses also witnessed the student’s performance.  These performances were prepared by following teacher:

1.         Ms. Fareeha Shahid

2.         Ms. Misbah Rasheed

3.         Ms. Zarish Mobeen         

4.         Mr. Sharoon Wajahat