Closing ceremony of summer program 2019

Closing ceremony of summer program was held on July 31, 2019 that held the display of all the in-house club. Students from Grade 4 to 10 participated in this clubs Details of the clubs at the closing ceremony are as follow;  

Maths Fun Club

Math fun club  students, constructed  a mathematical puzzle using different patterns, mathematical clocks using fractions, an interesting conversation chart between pie and iota reflecting the importance of complex algebra and a table wheel to improve multiplications skills. On the whole, the club empowered students to nurture their problems solving skills and tackle advanced level concepts that they would later meet in higher grades.

Climate change Club

Climate change club presented the idea through display of charts that how climate changes affect everyone around us from individual level to globally. Students evaluated the carbon footprint of Pakistan and the reservation related to it and showed the example of Bhutan that how it has reduced its carbon footprint and brought it to neutral status.

Students presented the 3R’s strategy for wise use of waste materials wisely by reduce, reuse and recycling.

Arts & Craft Club

Arts & Craft Club worked on following projects during summer camps and also sold some of the items. 



Newspaper vase Key chains Hand bags
Glitter rings Storage/jewelry box Truck Art pots




Science Fun Club

Science Fun Club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment. “Science Fun Club” is meant for ‘learning through fun and experiments’. Children have the tendency to make, break and handle things. Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities were the focus of the club.

Following working models prepared by students were displayed in the closing ceremony


 Balloon Powered Car

Lungs Model Paper Helicopter
Spectrometer Water Prism Floating Egg


Sports Club

Students displayed following in sports club


Warm-up Basic boxing Dart Arrow Table tennis Carom board
Ludo Badminton Gymnastics Passing the ball Exercise




Chess Club

Chess is a mind game that helps the children to develop critical thinking, provide space to strengthen the thinking abilities and impart a confidence to take decision not just in the tournaments but also in life. Chess club involved three sections quarter final, semifinal and finals.

Students learnt about the pieces and their specific movement and also made the interesting parents to learn about the game too in the closing ceremony.