Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust School Theater / Annual Play 2020 “NAANG VAL”

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Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust School Theater / Annual Play 2020 titled “NAANG VAL” written & directed by Huma Safdar,was held on Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at Alhmara Arts Council Hall I,the Mall Road Lahore. The famous musician pop star Ali Noor & Ali Hamza (noori arts) joined us as a Chief Guests, accompanied by a special guest the well-known  Afzal Sahir (FM 103). Dr. Baela Raza Jamil (Managing Trustee SNPET), Mrs. Tasneem Maqbool Sajjid (Trustee SNPET) and Ms. Beena Raza (Trustee SNPET), Mrs. Nusrat Jalal were also present as Board of Trustees and members of the Education Committee. The annual play witnessed the presence of Friends/Supporters of Sanjan Nagar, parents and other members from the local community. 

SNPET is synonymous with quality enabling education for disadvantaged communities, where education truly transforms not only the child who is studying in the program but also the entire family as envisaged by its Patron and sponsor Raza Kazim- ‘a renaissance citizen/philanthropist’.

Our school has been functioning for 25 years. Today, it has 900 students with 60% of the students being girls. We operate from Nursery to Class 12 (15 years), and is among the handful of schools in Pakistan which provide Baccalaureate facilities at the primary level (Classes pre-school to five) for the vulnerable struggling communities of Lahore. The school has seen 600 graduates at matriculate and intermediate level with distinction. Today some of our alumni have obtained degrees in medicine, pharmacy, economics, agriculture, software, engineering, and accounting. Some women alumni have gone in for quality teaching, PhDs and fashion design. Philanthropic donations and support from caring institutions such as yourselves have enabled the school to succeed in its mission ‘enabling our future” for children from low-income families.

About The Play- “Naang Val”

“Naang Val” revolved around two main characters, Jutt, the man and his wife. Jutt is a shirker, timid and unintelligent man whereas his wife is a brave and wise woman. Once Jutt gets into big trouble but his wife extricates him from that trial shrewdly and daringly. The theme of the Play is to consider women as wise and bold as a man in society. The way the whole universe including water, fire, space, air, and earth are for all human beings, man and woman should also be considered as equally capable and competent. Men and women are equal in every aspect. Gender discrimination must be discouraged in society and empowering, women will spur productivity and economic growth of the society.

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