Mr. Iqbal Riza visited Sanjan Nagar School.

February 19th, 2014: Mr. Iqbal Riza visited Sanjan Nagar School. He is an eminent trustee of Sanjan Nagar Trust. During his visit he observed classes of ECE and Primary Section. He had chat with students of class one and two. He saw the drawings and paintings of students. Few of our middle school students play musical instruments in front of him which he really liked and acknowledged students for that. After classrooms visit he conducted a very informative session with students from grade 8-11. Points of discussions were the structure of U.N.O, Organizations, conflicts amongst countries, World Wars and Human Rights. The session was very interactive and he liked students’ intellectual questions. His testimonial is:

“A delight and an inspiration to meet the students of Sanjan Nagar. Their enthusiasm and knowledge are impressive. This school is a tribute to the vision and dedication of its founder.”