Sanjan Nagar School Principal Ms.Raheela Akram and two students of grade 8th visited India in February, 2015

Sanjan Nagar School Principal Ms.Raheela Akram and two students of grade 8th Muhammad Shaeer-ul-Hassan and Mariam Zahid visited India in February, 2015 with a delegation as a part of Exchange Program. They visited Delhi, Agra, Gurgaon and Jaipur.

Introduction about the Project:

Exchange for Change is an exciting initiative by CAP that aims at improving relationships between school students in different countries. This program seeks to help students across borders realize that dialogue is not just possible but sustainable too. Through cross cultural communication we have realized that students can have a clearer understanding of their history, culture and lifestyles. CAP believes that such interaction will in turn lead to a positive change and eliminate cultural misconceptions and inter-generational conflict. A sustained exchange of letters, postcards, pictures, artwork and videos encourages children to form their own opinions. Currently this project is running in India and USA.
EFC India 2013- 2015 works with 5000 students from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Dehli, Dehradun and Mumbai. Sanjan Nagar School became the part of this project in January 2014. Almost 160 students from grade six, seven and eight participated in different activities arranged by CAP Team. Different phases of the project include

• Letters to the Past series
• Photography series
• Oral history series
• Video series
• Physical exchange (a weeklong trip)
• EFC Exhibition

Six schools from Lahore including Sanjan Nagar, five from Rawalpindi and four from Karachi had visited India in February 2015 as a representative delegation of Exchange for Change from Pakistan. The delegation comprised of 35 brilliant students, 15 teachers and 5 members from CAP team. From Sanjan Nagar School, School Principal Ms.Raheela Akram and two students of grade 8th Muhammad Shaeer-ul-Hassan and Mariam Zahid were in the delegation. The Exchange event from 8th was organized by two organizations; one from Pakistan (Citizen Archives of Pakistan) and the other from India (Routes 2 roots).

Schools visited in India:
1. Delhi Public School, Gurgaon
2. Dev Samaj School, Delhi

Both the schools were wonderful hosts. A few Teachers and students from both schools visited Pakistan in Jan, 2015. Both the schools gave warm welcome to the delegation and gave different cultural performances for the audience. It was an opportunity for the students and teachers from both countries to interact with each other and negating stereotypical views of others.

Places visited:

1. Qutubminar
2. Cyberhub
3. Jamia Masjid, Delhi
4. Chandni Chowk
5. Lotus Temple
6. Tomb of Humayun
7. Red Fort
8. Taj Mahal
9. Jantar Mantar
10. Kingdom of Dreams
11. Amber Fort
12. Hawa Mahal
13. Chowkidani
14. Rashtrapti Bhavan
15. GK N Market


Exhibition at Pakistan High Commission:

On 12th Feb, 2015, CAP and Routes 2 root also organized an exhibition at Pakistan High Commission where they displayed letters, postcards and oral history records by the students from both countries. We met the Pakistan High Commissioner Mr.Abdul Basit. He encouraged the initiative by both organizations and invited students to share their comments about the project and visit.

Exchange for Change Exhibition-Crossing Borders

CAP arranged a series of Exhibitions in three cities (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad) of Pakistan as an important and last phase of the project. The purpose of the exhibition was to invite public, parents and media to inform them about the happenings of the project. They displayed letters, postcards, oral histories of parents and community members, pictures and videos of different school who have been the part of EFC. Sanjan Nagar Students attended the exhibition held at Lahore Heritage Museum on 13th Feb 2015 and reflected on the activities of the program and their involvement in it.


Pakistan High Commission, Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhavan of India

Dav Samaj School, Delhi

Delhi Public School, Delhi

Humayun's Tomb

Taj Mahal Agra, India

EFC Exhibation at Lahore Heritage Museum

Sanjan Nagar School Principal Ms.Raheela Akram