Children's Literature Festival of Sanjan Nagar 2015

On behalf of the entire team of Children's Literature Festival of Sanjan Nagar, we take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your generous and outstanding participation at the 2nd school based CLF of Sanjan Nagar Trust higher secondary school. Over 2,000 children, teachers and parents attended the festival on 25th April,2015 at Sanjan Nagar Hima Cmpus.

The event started at 8:30am with a beautiful mime presentation by primary and Middle School students on “All the world’s a stage” written by William Shakespeare. Sanjan Nagar Music choir launched the Sanjan Nagar School Song which was liked by everybody. The sessions began at 9:00 am. Each session was outstanding and students enjoyed all activities including Play for Peace, Seeds of Peace, Peace building session by Rabtt, Puppet presentations and story reading with expression by Misbah, Storytelling by Saima Ashgar, Creative writing conducted by DNA, Life skills session by School 4 life, Urdu creative writing by Mr.Anil, Session on Mera Iqbal by Dr.Nasira Iqbal, OloTattolo, Book reading and book review session by Mr.Aamir and sir Saimon and last but not least the wonderful session on the significance of Heer by a Raza’s Group of researchers.

Students and teachers from other schools also attended the CLF including Shaheen Public School, Ghori Wisdom School, and LGS. They all enjoyed the activities and participated in different sessions.

We are pushing for children to read more and more beyond textbooks and tests - encouraging them to ask questions, express ideas and dialogue without fear. We are extremely happy that CLF is now the part of our school calendar and we hope that we shall continue this in future.

Here, I would like to congratulate and thank you to all members of Sanjan Nagar school who worked like an amazing team to organize this wonderful and meaningful event, to all those schools that sent their students and teachers to attend the festival and all Resource Persons of all organizations who conducted sessions for children. Thank you so much for your input and dedicating your precious time.