3rd Annual Children’s’ Literature April, 2016

The 3rd Annual CLF at the Sanjan Nagar Hima Campus-An IB World School was held on April 23, 2016.

Opening Ceremony:

This year School Principal Ms.Raheela Akram formally began the event by reading a story “Sach ki Bansuri” from the book written by Ms. Zahra Nigha. Sanjan Nagar Music choir presented the Sanjan Nagar school song “Hai Sanjan Nagar apna jahan” and CLF Song “Humain Kitab Chahiye”.

Sessions started at 9:00 am.

The program had number of strands including;

  • Read & Sing Aloud Stories and Songs
  • Phonics
  • Creative Writing & Expression
  • Bol K Lab Azaad Hain Terey – speak for your lips are free
  • Workshop on “Science Fuse” and “Sci-fi stories”
  • Session on Prison Writing; Presentations and discussion on the literature of  “Bahadur Shah Zafar” and “Nelson Mandela”
  • International Mindedness; Sessions on “China ki Kahani” and “Traditional Japanese Literature”.
  • Peace Education
  • Life skills workshop on “Bacha Bawarchi Khana”- a project of Laajverd & Girls guide session
  • Critical Thinking

CLF this year covered the themes of:

  • Reading and Creative Writing
  • Music and Art
  • Science and ICT
  • History and Culture
  • Peace Education
  • Literature (Punjabi, Urdu, English & Japanese)
  • Critical Thinking

These were divided across different levels and ages of children at the school such as

  • 4-8 years children
  • 9-12 years children
  • 13-17 years children

For each theme/session the following resource persons/institutions were invited and participated

Theme/session Title
Resource Person
Let a hundred flowers bloom Faiz Ghar Foundation
Story Telling with Music
Sci-fi stories
Phonics Fun & Spelling Bee Competition
Phonics club
Creative writing session
Discovering New Artist
Traditional Japanese literature
Ravvish (Amin Qureshi)
Heer Group
Peace Education
Rabtt (Daniyal)
Girls Guide
Play for Peace
Ms.Attiya Anwar (Sanjan Nagar)
Prison Writing
Mr.Amir Yousaf (Sanjan Nagar)
Bacha Bawarchi Khana-a project of Laajverd
Ms.Kabira Latif & Ms.Sidra (Sanjan Nagar)
Urdu hai Jis ka Naam
Mr.Aneel Samuel(Forman Christian College)
Critical Thinking
Mr.Adil Arshad (Forman Christian College)
China Ki Kahani
Dr. Hasan H. Karrar















Schools participated in CLF 2016

As per the principles of the CLF a host school must invite other schools to participate. This year the following schools participated in the SNS CLF:

Neighboring schools

  1. Worker welfare high school, Nishtar town
  2. Shaheen Public school

IB Candidate Schools from Lahore

  1. Beacon House Newlands
  2. Lahore Grammar School

A total number of schools and students/teachers participated in the CLF 2016

So, a total number of 5 schools participated in the CLF 2106. There were 65 teachers from Sanjan Nagar and 15 teachers from other schools. Approximately 1100 students altogether attended the event.

For the PYP and MYP Programs at SNS the following themes were addressed

Sanjan Nagar CLF 2016 had different sessions for students and faculty. Many of these sessions are linked with the PYP and MYP Program themes and subjects. PYP Themes are

  • Who we are.
  • Where we are in place and time.
  • How we express ourselves.
  • How the world works.
  • How we organize ourselves.
  • Sharing the planet.

IB selected these themes for their relevance to the real world. They are described as trans-disciplinary because they focus on issues that go across subject areas. From PYP six trans-disciplinary themes, this year we covered these three themes in CLF

  • How we express ourselves.
  • How the world works.
  • How we organize ourselves

MYP Themes/Subjects, CLF addressed these:

  • Individual & Societies
  • Health & Physical Education
  • English Language Acquisition
  • Language & Literature

 The preparation and the delivery of CLF 2016 correspond to the above themes and 25 hours were spent by faculty and students.

The key take away and statements from

Students are:

1.    Eshal Fatima  (Grade Five)

It was a pleasure to see this kind of event organized in our school. The event was mind-blowing and full of different experiences and learning to brighten our view towards the importance of Reading. The overall experience was very good we need these kinds of informative and innovative activities in our school on a regular basis to keep up the pace of our mind development.

2.    Ali Gohar Grade Eight

CLF is such a festival that fills our hearts with joy & faces with big smile.

It has been always wonderful to attend encouraging sessions of CLF organized by our school. This time, I got a chance to know about the countries such as Japan and China through different sessions that really trigged my mind to raise questions and explore for their answers.

Teachers from the school are:

1.    Waqas Manzoor (PYP Teacher)

It was immense pleasure to be the part of 3rd CLF of Sanjan Nagar School. I'm lucky enough that I have been attending the festival since three years and it’s a great honor for me that I have been representing as a panelist of different programs. CLF is really an amazing event of learning not for tiny minds but for elders also. The one thing I like most about it that the audience is children.

As a PYP teacher I observed that, they are being knowledgeable, Communicators and Reflective by acquiring new ideas, communicating confidently and reflecting in front of society. They are being benefited by variety of programs like Storytelling, Creative writing, Science Fuse, Geography, Art and many more. At the end of the festival, I took a short reflection from the students about the programs so most of the students really liked the addition of Science Fuse.

 Undoubtedly, CLF is a way in which “How they are expressing themselves" by sharing their ideas through poems, stories and art work.

Profound Regards:
Waqas Manzoor

2.    Aqsa Aftab (Art Teacher)

It was very big day for me this is my first festival at Sanjan Nagar School. As an art teacher I saw a huge variety of different sessions and programs. Children’s Literature Festival (CLF)- a fun-filled event designed to cater children and to promote the culture of book reading among youngsters and help them develop critical thinking and creative writing.

Loved it!

Aqsa Aftab

Teacher from the other school

1.    Bushra Mujahid
Going to Sanjan Nagar is always a treat! Every time I visit this school, I see children engrossed in learning, curious to find out more and confident in sharing their ideas/ responses with each other. The school strongly supports collaboration not only among its own community members but also for the other PYP schools.

The full day Children's Literature Festival held in Sanjan Nagar on 23rd April 2016 included various interactive sessions for the students. As an audience, I could clearly see that the activities were focused on development of all three languages (Urdu, Punjabi & English). Talking about the breakout sessions that I attended, Urdu Hai Jis Ka Nam by Aneel Samual, focused on everyday use of Urdu language, how words of different languages, which are also a part of Urdu, are correctly pronounced and difference between the Urdu expression in prose & poetry. The story telling session conducted by Olomopolo was filled with excitement and creativity. It was a delight to see learners engrossed in listening attentively to the story and the question/ answer session afterwards allowed learners to demonstrate their inquiry skills. The Science Fuse session gave me some amazing ideas to nurture scientific inquiry among the PYP learners.

Bushra Mujahid
Manager- IB Primary Years Programme
Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore

Member of Education Committee are:


1.    Ms.Tauseef Hyat

Dear Raheela,
Congratulations on a very successful festival. It was particular good to see that the sessions I attended were very interactive and the students very involved and interested.


Tauseef Hyat




2.    Mrs. Tasneem Maqbool

Dear Raheela, congratulations for organizing this interactive children's festival .I thoroughly enjoyed the Heer group and Ravish sessions..and I think the kids did too, judging from their responses.
It was also encouraging to have children and staff from other schools. Well done!

Tasneem Maqbool

3.    Mrs.Baela Jamil

From my side too Raheela and all the team members who made this awesome event possible. and making it part of the school calendar