Meeting with Mayor of London

On December 6' 17 , Ms. Attiya Anwar along with 10 students attended a moderated session and interview of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. Sadiq Khan is the 1st muslin Pakistani mayor in London. He shared the reason of his visit to Pakistan and said that we are here with the moto #London is open, he further explained that he is here to build good relationships with India and Pakistan in order to have a better economic situation. He also discussed his love for Pakistan and how close is, this country and people to his heart.

This session was joined by a special guest Shahid Khan who is the well-known businessman in America. Students of Sanjan Nagar attended this session and got an opportunity to ask the questions from the honorable guest.

Furthermore, moderator selected four questions from the audience to be asked by Sadiq Khan and we are glad that two questions from four were of Sanjan Nagar’s students.

Questions were;

1. You are a well-known politician in London, why don't you join the politics of Pakistan?

2. You are a successful man, what is the secret of your success? What would you like to say to the youth of Pakistan?

Students also met Ali Zafar in the audience and had pictures with him.

We are thankful to our Education committee especially madam Beena Raza to get the opportunity to attend this session with the reference of madam Beena Raza.such opportunities provide awareness, confidence, and motivation to the young generation and also serve as career counseling session.