16th Annual Sports Day of Sanjan Nagar School (an IB World School)

16th Annual Sports Day of Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust Higher Secondary School (an IB World School) held today 27th Jan, 2018 at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. See Pictures

 Renowned tennis player Ms.Ushna Sohail a female tennis player from Pakistan joined the event as a chief guest, moreover, school patron Mr.Raza Kazim (Patron SNPET & Advocate Supreme Court) and Ms.Nida Mian honored the event by their presence. Many other esteemed guests and parents charmed the event by their presence.

 Ms. Touseef Hayat as Board of Trustees and as members of the Education Committee, Ms. Erum Naqvi, from Sanjan Nagar Institute Philosophy & Arts (SIPA)and some fellows from ITA were also present there. The sports day witnessed the presence of Friends of Sanjan Nagar, Parents and other members from local community who attended the sports day. Highlights of the Program include:

 The program started at 10:00 am. It was formally started by the opening ceremony; principal’s address and March past by the primary school students. Almost 915 students participated in following games


  1. Recitation from Holy Quran and Bible
  2. Permission
  3. March past
  4. P.T
  5. CLF Tarana
  6. Butterfly Race
  7. Rabbit Race
  8. Creating elements    
  9. Parrot  Race
  10. Flower Race
  11. Song performance+ dance (Laye-paani-sy motti)
  12. Foot and cone race
  13. Tunnel race
  14. Song (Terey rung rung)
  15. Hopping ball
  16. Cycle Race
  17. Chicken Race
  18. Bhangra
  19. Water balloon
  20. Caterpillar race
  21. Relay race
  22. Relay race
  23. Aerobics
  24. Foot pair race
  25. 100 meter
  26. Hurdle race
  27. Karatay /breaking
  28. Tug war of War

At the end prize distribution ceremony was organized to award cups and trophies to the winning and runner-ups. Prizes were awarded by honorable guests.

The whole program was very much delighting to the students, parents, and guests.

This event developed a sense of friendliness among the children and develops their team spirit and Sanjan Nagar always organizes this tradition with great enthusiasm.


16th Annual Sports Day of Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust Higher Secondary School (an IB World School)