Naila Mir - Founder of 3P Collective- London, UK #P3 Collective

Naila Mir - Founder of 3P Collective- London, UK #P3 Collective 
Today we were honoured to have Ms.Naila Mir with us as a guest along with Ms.Baela Raza Jamil (SNPET- Trustee). She visited the school and we shared about the rich journey of Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust (SNPET) and its school from 1995 to date. She met with SNPET-Alumni students currently working as the school's faculty and saw the Patron's(Raza Kazim) dream come true."Enabling our future & Empowering woman". She was amazed to visit Sanjan Nagar School, its students and teachers. She was delighted to see that the Sanjan Nagar Philosophy was exactly  matching with that of her own.  "Empowering and enabling people to create impact and value through communication, employee engagement and partnerships"

We look forward to our new "Friend of the SNPET' who will keep our flag flying in UK and the world! Thank you Naila Mir for taking out the time to visit us and engaging with us so meaningfully with our spirit of inquiry, learning and enterprise through our children, youth and communities.