Engaging the disengaged Learners by Beth Trudell

Sanjan Nagar hosted 3 hours SPELT workshop ‘Engaging the Disengaged Learners’ by International trainer Beth Trudell on November 08 ’18. Beth is an English Language Specialist who has worked in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. She has been working on short-term projects in Russia, China, Thailand, and Tanzania. She was the Virtual Specialist for the American English Radio project in Bangladesh. She writes the scripts and trains the broadcasters and teachers for the project.

As this workshop was about engaging the disengaged learners so it began with the activity using paper pins to hook everybody’s attention in their respective groups. Beth shared and discussed a booklet having different techniques of students’ engagement. Moreover, she focused on the motivation and active learning that together engages the disengaged learners. She also recommended a book to the teachers with the title “Student Engagement Techniques by Elizabeth F. Barkley.”

Overall, this interactive workshop involved all the participants and enriched their experience to use the production techniques of student engagement in their classrooms to enhance the learning of their students.