Children Literature Festival 2019

The students of SNPET-HSS excitedly participated in the two-day Children's Literature Festival (CLF), organized by  Idara-e-Taleem-O-Aagahi (ITA) in collaboration with several private and public organizations. This year the event was held at the beautiful Children Library Complex on 22nd and 23rd of January 2019 and the theme was “Heritage, Expression, and 21st Century skills” 

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SNPET students showcased their talent through multiple activities across all grades of the school:

  • The primary school choir sang the School Song, the CLF Tarana and Theatre. They  delighted the audience by playing their musical instruments.They also showcased their talents by holding storytelling sessions and puppetry workshops.
  • Art and craft club of the school exhibited their craft items and had a face painting stall.
  • Sports club engaged the audience in sports activity; ”Throwball” by following a famous quote that a Sound body has a sound mind.
  • Middle school choir was  privileged to sing CLF Tarana with Mr.Rakae Jamil; the composer of the tarana and students transformed it through theatre.  
  • Senior school students paid tribute to Faiz Ahmad Faiz (Famous Poet) by presenting a short skit on his poem;
    • Ye dagh dagh ujala ye shab-gazida sahar
    • Wo intizar tha jis ka ye wo sahar to nahin

Th poem was written to commemorate Pakistan’s Independence where Faiz Sahib  had gently combined lyricism with politics and expressed his sorrow about what had happened and perhaps his apprehension about what was to come.

Another delight for the Sanjan Nagar students was to attend STEM workshops and there were many, including  robotics. Many other sessions were delightful for the students and faculty learning through multiple activities. These included tech-enabled digital learning, interactive sessions on theater, puppetry, film, pottery by Shehrazade Alam/ Studio 9; calligraphy and sports. Dr. Arfa Syeda Zehra's sessions, Alternative Pedagogies on Mapping Migrations and Book launches by children , Rumana Husain Jingles in the Jungle, Sarwat Mohiuddin's Paani Ki Kahani and many others  by OUP; the films in Cinema Ghar and critical thinking session; last but not least  how can we forget the wonderful music and poetry sessions by Khaled Anum and Laal Band - by Taimur Rahman! 

These were two wonderful days of learning indeed  -neither rain nor cold could keep our 300 children and staff away from the grand annual CLF at the grand and spacious Children Library Complex!  Many of these sessions will shall continue to undertake at our school in our routine classrooms.

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