Community Outreach Campaign

Community service programs help students demonstrate responsibility, gives them work experience and also provides an opportunity to experience making a contribution to the community.

 The senior school students of Sanjan Nagar actively participated in “Kiran Sitara” Program.

Kiran Sitara is a youth engagement program at Interactive Research and Development (IRD) Pakistan and at the forefront of educating, empowering young adults and at-risk population.

Under Kiran Sitara initiative, adolescent girls were galvanized to reach out communities for a TB free Pakistan. Senior school girls were taught life skills to create referral networks and to conduct household screening within low-income populations and students worked as “Actor of Social Change”.

During this community mobilization, our students have identified about 250 suspected cases of TB from their surroundings, motivated and invited those patients to come on TB camp at Sanjan Nagar for digital screening under supervision of  Ms.  Zarish Mobeen and Ms.Nazia Nazir.   

On 2nd April 2019, World TB Day was celebrated at  Alhamra Art council at the provincial level to admire all stakeholders’efforts in this campaign and Sanjan Nagar was awarded shield and certificates for its significant contribution in this community service program.