SNPET School principal, students and teachers went to Kinnaird College to attend a seminar

 Sanjan Nagar Schools actively encourage awareness about social issues for their students and teachers. So this regards Students of grade 10, 11and 12 with Mr. Sharoon Wajahat Attray and Principal of the School Ms Aliya Ayub went to Kinnaird College to attend a seminar on “Intolerance, Extremism and Terrorism. Causes & Solutions”. Students participated very vigilantly during answers questions session. They also suggested some of the solutions of this very phenomenon of Intolerance, Extremism and Terrorism in Pakistan. Sanjan Nagar Students synthesis that, “Today insurgency and terrorism is threatening the very roots and fabric of Pakistan’s nationhood. So how we can able to meet the challenges of insurgency and Terrorism, following are the some of the proposal and possible solutions to counter insurgency apart from military operations.

•          Terrorist groups recruiting “terrorist” from among the poorest of poor people, the poverty of these regions like FATA and interior Punjab must be eliminated on emergency ground so that the poor people get awareness from religious bigotry. Negotiations must be started with people of these regions and start building physical paraphernalia including roads, schools, hospitals, bridges and manufacturing unites, so that they can get extra employment opportunities.
•          Pakistan should fully demarcated border with Afghanistan which will prevent the foreign intrusion in the country.
•          Attention should also be given to monitoring the activities and curriculum of the Madressahs those who breeding ground of religious extremism, bigotry and intolerance 
•          American should also change their old trumpet ‘Do More’ because Pakistan is doing best in this ongoing war of terrorism and utilizing the best available resources to combat terrorism and American should stop the drone attacks in Pakistan territory because it hit the sovereignty of the people of Pakistan. As in drone attacks civilians are also hit, so their relatives also want to take revenge and they will starts terrorist activities.