Community – Based Session with Parents and Teachers on Good Parenting

On 18th Dec’ 2021, SNPET-HSS held a session on Child Safeguarding for its teachers and parents together with Ms. Uzma and Ms.Faria, the clinical psychologists from PAHCHAAN.

The session was started with recitation and introduction of participants and facilitators. The facilitators shared the objectives of PAHCHAAN and UNICEF.

The session was held in three parts. The first part was about the objectives of Good Parenting, the importance of Early Child Development including the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development of a child. The second part was about the UN definition of Violence against children. In the third part, the team discussed, how to ensure Child Safeguarding in families, communities, schools, madrassas, and in formal settings and where to report in case of any exploitation.