Ms. Aliya Jafri’s visit to SNPET
Aliya Jafri a constructivist educator, literacy specialist, IB educator, and instructional coach visited SNPET on 2nd March 2022. Ms.Aliya Jafri was accompanied by Ms.Beena Raza. She held a meeting with the IBPYP team; Mr. Daniel, Ms., and Ms.Tehmina. She also met with Ms. Attiya.
The agenda of the visit was to get the school team to benefit from Ms.Aliya‘s expertise. Ms. Aliya suggested the team select any one area to be addressed that could be based on the evaluation report and recommendations. Ms. Beena suggested getting support in the selection and execution of the Unit of Inquiry and IBPYP readiness program for the new IBPYP teachers.
Mr.Daniel shared about the collaborative planning sessions at SNPET. Ms. Aliya liked to join the PYP collaborative session through zoom and video recording later she observed two PYP classrooms and talked with some students. Mr.Daniel; the IBPYP coordinator will be in communication with her for further facilitation.