Inviting an Expert for transmitting learning

Today on 21st April ‘2022, Mr. Abuzer Madu had an interactive session with students of grade 5, as a part of their exhibition journey. In this session, he talked about elements of theatre and various genres of theatre. He connected theatre with life issues, culture, values, tradition, and festivals. Students presented him with a painting as a souvenir made during their journey towards the annual event.


Abuzar Madu is a Punjab-based performing artist. His work centers on decolonizing the body and mind by facilitating embodied knowledge and connection to culture and the land. For the last eight years, he has worked with Sangat Theater Group, using theater as an activism tool in local communities. He also regularly teaches theater to school and university-age students. In addition, Abuzar is currently completing his Master in Cultural Studies from NCA. For this master, he is researching the relationship expressed in folk poetry between the local communities that live on the Ravi River and the river itself. He is also exploring the impact of colonization on this relationship and how this has changed the way communities presently live and relate to the Ravi River.