Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust School young students set up a Flood Relief Camp on its flagship campus 117 A, Glaxo Town Main Ferozpur Road.

Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust one of the cornerstone of our philosophy and vision has been to do with Giving back to the community! Our Students, the majority of who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are taught about the importance Of "Giving Back" - which is the fundamental characteristic of life and learning at SNPET right from Early Years to High School years.

We truly believe young kids who understand that and have the capacity to care about others can be one of the most rewarding aspects of their learning and growing up experience. It builds on the core values that as educators we want to impart to our students besides knowledge. Empathy is embedded in their character building. So don’t hesitate to start the process early.

So, once again as Pakistan faces yet another challenging phase in its history; currently going through the destruction caused by unprecedented monsoon rains and flooding. Amidst this, our teachers have a done a fine job to rekindle the spirit of empathy and caring in our students. Through this donation drive our young learners and their families have extended support; Big or small for flood victims (adults and children) who need assistance in tough times.

There are many ways your young learners can start to develop the habit of giving back and caring about others. These are great life lessons. That is how we build humane societies. Volunteering And helping others in their hour of need could all be great bonding experiences between children, teachers, and their homes. Set a powerful example by teaching gratitude.

You can’t change the world overnight but raising a child who is kind and thoughtful and willing to give back to the community is a wonderful way to start.

Aligned with our vision of "giving back " , our young students set up a Flood Relief Camp on its flagship campus 117 A, Glaxo Town Main Ferozpur Road, for relief and assistance of flood victims. In this regard, faculty, staff, and students collected the relief material including clothes, food items i.e. rice, ghee, clean drinking water bottles, packaged milk, energy biscuits, basic medical kits, sugar, Tea, and other unperishable food items and clothing. The collected material is being distributed through different community channels. From our Trustees. Idara-e-Taleem-o- Aagahi (ITA) is doing large-scale work and Ms. Beena Raza through her very active group of supporters and volunteers is providing access to the flood affectees.
The enthusiasm and zeal of the students are exemplary and worth the highest praise.

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