Celebrating our learning Journey: The PYP Exhibition 2022-2023

The PYP Exhibition is the culminating independent inquiry students carry out in their final year of the programme. On 29th March 2023, SNPET grade 5 learners hosted their 7th IBPYP Exhibition. This year the theme was" Where we are in place and time", and the inquiry was about ancient civilizations and their connection to the present world. The quest led them to SDG 6, 13 and 11.


Students implemented their inquiry skills by exploring, investigating, and seeking the selected civilization and connections of SDGS. They developed questionnaires, conducted field visits, asked for an expert session, contacted the community, organized awareness sessions, and committed personal pledges and actions. IBPYP learners reflected on their learning experiences through presentations, art and craftwork, and role play. The parents and visitors showed great interest in the student's learning journey and appreciated the efforts.