Exciting Professional Development at SNPET-HSS!

We're thrilled to highlight the fantastic work of Facilitator Dr. Aneela Asghar, Associate Professor at McGill University! Dr. Anila Asghar brings a wealth of expertise with a focus on topics ranging from Islam and science to inclusive pedagogy. Her journey includes stints at renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins and Harvard.


From February to August 2023, Dr. Aneela Asghar engaged in an enriching series of sessions with SNPET’s faculty. This dynamic workshop aimed to enhance professional development through a variety of engaging topics.
The workshop's agenda was packed with transformative topics, including: 
  • Connecting Theory to Practice: Foundational Theories of Education (Constructivist and Social Constructivist Theories) 
  • The Community of Practice (CoP) Model: Developing a Safe Space for Collaborative Learning 
  • Inclusive Pedagogy (Differentiated Instruction) 
  • Inquiry-based STEM/STEAM Education 
  • Working on STEM/STEAM curriculum units and lesson plans 
  • Enactment in CoP implementation of curriculum units and lessons
  • Feedback and reflection in the community of practice 
  • Re-enacting and improving inquiry practices
The first phase, which involved discussing STEAM lesson plan templates, has just concluded. The journey continues with the next phase, set to unfold virtually from Montreal. A heartfelt acknowledgment goes out to Dr. Aneela Asghar for her devoted efforts in fostering a thriving learning community at SNPET-HSS! The educators are eager about the path ahead and are excited to perpetuate this motivating learning expedition. During the concluding session, Ms. Beena Raza, the school trustee and member of the Education Committee, was also present and officially extended an invitation to Dr. Aneela Asghar to join the school's Education Committee, an invitation that she graciously accepted.