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 From the Newspaper |  | 29th April, 2013

A taste of the ballot for young students

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As the election frenzy grips the country these days, a school afforded its young students (who otherwise cannot poll their votes in the general election) an opportunity to exercise their “right to franchise” in a mock ballot.
The Sanjan Nagar School administration organised mock elections based on Pakistani model this past week in which the students, teachers and staff members actively participated. Days before the actual election, the school created a befitting ambience and the students regaled themselves with canvassing in favour of their political parties.
At a Convention Day for a public debate, all members and dummy leaders of political parties sat together at one platform and propagated their political manifestos. They tried to win voters’ support by answering some ‘compelling’ questions.
The students exercised their “right to franchise” on Election Day by voting for their favourite political parties, which was coordinated by Sharoon Wajahat Attray. Mirza Nauman Baig acted as election commissioner and the duties of presiding officers were performed by Anum Zafer, Muqades Ashraf and Noorul Ain.
The election results were interesting as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz gained majority votes of about 67 per cent. The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf stood second with only 16.5 per cent votes and former president Pervez Musharraf-led All-Pakistan Muslim League sprang a surprise by bagging third position, with 14 per cent votes.
Quite startling for some, the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Q lost their identity in the mock election, with 0.02 per cent and zero votes, respectively.
School principal Aliya Ayub stated that such type of activities in school enhanced students’ confidence and sense of ownership about Pakistan. She said the basic purpose of this activity was to create political awareness among students as well as teachers as the upcoming election (on May 11) would play a vital role in the contemporary history of Pakistan.
She wished and prayed for the better and prosperous future of the country with the Power of Vote.
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