A two-day IBO-PYP in-school workshop was held from 1st to 2nd June

 A two-day IBO-PYP in-school workshop was held from 1st to 2nd June, 2012. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Andrew Thompson, Year Leader at Kowloon Junior School, Hong Kong. In this Basic PYP Training, all teachers of primary years including the head-teacher and coordinator participated in this workshop. Dr. Baela Raza Jamil, the managing trustee of Sanjan Nagar was also present at the inaugural session.

This in-school workshop was the first of its kind facilitated by an IBO trainer. The workshop was also a prerequisite for the pre-authorization visit of the IBO officials expected in November this year.
Through out two-days session Mr. Andrew worked and taught important PYP concept to make PYP happen in the classroom. He proceeded with the understanding of the program of Inquiry also which is the main part of understanding the PYP program along with the five Essential elements of PYP Planner. The Programe of Inquiry is the important part for primary years Program.
On the last day school principal Ms Raheela Akram, PYP focal person in SNPET Ms Naseem Rasheed, Science Coordinator Mr. Saimon Robin expressed their acknowledgement for Mr. Andrew and assured to work with more passion and hard work. SNPET Board of Trustees’ were also their and shared their words of thanks with the facilitator.
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