Ms.Helen Borg visits Sanjan Nagar School

 September 28th, 2013: Ms.Helen Borg from British High Commission visited Sanjan Nagar School, Hima Campus. Madam Baela Jamil and School Principal Raheela Akram shared Sanjan Nagar school model with her. School Philosophy, academics, management structure, parental engagements, and students’ case studies were shared with her. Ms. Misbah Rani took her for a round of early year’s section. Ms.Helen was moved by teachers’ work and students’ activities. Mr.Saimon Robin showed her middle school where students were busy in their music, sports and art& craft clubs. Students were enjoying their work and Ms.Helen was very impressed. Madam Baela shared with her about the plan of initiating construction of new rooms for vocational centre for siblings and parents of SN students. 

Ms.Helen commented “Thank you for showing me the Sanjan Nagar School, an inspiration and I hope to provide some support in future.”