Language is purely human essence, it is the tool which is used for communicating with others, and it is an important factor for the learning experience. It nurtures thinking and understanding skills for building conceptual and meaningful frameworks.Language learning is like building a bridge between learning a language and learning through a language.As Halliday rightly stated

  • Learning language — as learners listen to and use language with others in their everyday lives
  • Learning about language — as learners grow in their understanding of how language works and
  • Learning through language — as learners use language as a tool to listen, think, discuss and reflect on information, ideas and issues.

(Halliday 1980)

Communication skills are an integral part of the Primary Years Program (PYP) and communication skills help to understand and develop other skills (Social, Thinking, Research, Self-Management).Sanjan Nagar aims at to make its students sound communicators which is one of the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

Development and understanding of own culture is best utilized through one’s  own language, so Sanjan Nagar encourages a better understanding of regional and national languages; our  school frequently organizes “Speakers’ Sessions” and invites linguists and wordsmiths for the learners to make them realize about their own value.

Acquisition of more than one language enriches personal growth and helps facilitate international mindedness so keeping in view the demand of modern needs of learners Sanjan Nagar works on the development of second language, English, which has been accepted as Global Language, “Globish”.

Literature plays a vital role for the development of languages and providing a better understanding of own culture and others as well. Literature also creates a prone towards social and cultural awareness. It also nourishes aesthetic sense of learners to appreciate Nature and Humanity. Sanjan Nagar firmly believes that Intercultural awareness is need of hour so knowing and appreciating other cultures must be practiced by the learners and reading.

Literature is one of the best source for intercultural experiences. The learners of Sanjan Nagar produce their own narratives and literary pieces, as evidence for the development of language through Literature. Sanjan Nagar participates annually at the “Children’s Literature Festivalwww.childrensliteraturefestival.comfor the promotion of Regional and International Literature. Sanjan Nagar has also made school based CLF an annual feature  for all students, faculty, neighboring schools and the local community to develop a culture of linguistic expression, creativity and critical thinking.

The IB Learner Profile Caring * Communicators * Inquirers * Knowledgeable * Open-Minded * Principled * Reflective * Risk-Takers * Thinkers * Balanced