Teachers Training

 SNPET firmly believes in investing robustly in the quality of its human resources.

  • AKU-Examination Department Trainings on subject material and paper construction
  • > Weekly and Term-wise training workshops by Ms Ayesha Fazal
  • > Trainings by Punjab Education Fund (PEF)
  • > Conducting regular, on-the-job teachers training,
  • > Conducting evaluations (third party) to identify new training and professional development needs.
  • > Participating in Envisioning and Rethinking education series by Raza Kazim
  • > Provide exposure to international best practice in education. SNPET teachers have already been to USA and Egypt for subject based and leadership trainings.
  • > Head teacher and teachers have been to the USA Visitors program & Summer Institute at the Plymouth State University (PSU)
  • > Collaborating with various NGOs and organizations such as the British Council for providing training and refresher courses to teachers
  • Science Training Sessions by Dr Rafia

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March 24th, 2014:

24th March, 2014: Principal SNSS, Ms.Raheela Akram attended a 3-days IB-Asia Pacific Regional Workshop at Singapore. She was the participant of the PYP workshop for Administrators.

April 1st, 2013:

Primary School coordinator of the main campus Ms Naseem Rasheed conducted a two-day in-house workshop on IBO-PYP Teaching and Learning for second school teachers.

Details: http://www.snpet.org/news-publications-detail/64.html



October 31st, 2012:

Primary school science teacher Mr. Saimon Robin and IT Teacher Mr. Zulfiqar Ali attended the British Council workshop on the theme of "Schools Online". Sanjan Nagar teachers are going to participate in this project.

Details: http://www.snpet.org/news-publications-detail/28.html



October 17th, 2012:

A one-day workshop on the theme of "Using English to learn it" held at SNPET main campus. The workshop was organized by ITA and conducted by Dr. Diane Larsen-Freeman a guru on English grammar. She was also facilitated Ms Zakia Sarwar. Both presenter shared and taught innovative ways to non-language subjects using English. 

Details: http://www.snpet.org/news-publications-detail/29.html



October 11th, 2012:

IBO PYP Science Workshop was conducted by Ms Rafia. All primary and middle school teachers and coordinators attended the workshop. She shared useful techniques to teach important science concepts using simple in-class experiments.

Read details at http://www.snpet.org/news-publications-detail/33.html 


August 28th, 2012:

Miss Rabia Rehman Senior mathematics Teacher have attended Two-Day Annual Teacher Professional Development full day Workshop on 28 – 29 August arranged by Agha khan University Examination Board in Savoey Hotel Gulberg.

In this workshop participants identified and shared ideas of difficulty through in depth study of students learning outcomes. They worked on item writing skills for students assessment and presented in front of everyone to get feedback on that. They did micro teaching and got feed back to improve their teaching skills in Math. This workshop helps the participant to understand Agha Khan Scheme of studies and examination system more effectively.

August 25th, 2012:

A high level workshop on modeling SNPET was held at the main campus lead by Dr Balea. New school principal Ms. Aliya also had a introduction to the whole school staff. A special session on redefining school vision was also exercised under supervision of Dr. Baela.

Future session on the current theme will be conducted next month.

June 1st, 2012:

A two-day IBO-PYP in-school workshop was held from 1st to 2nd June, 2012. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Andrew Thompson, Year Leader at Kowloon Junior School, Hong Kong. In this Basic PYP Training, all teachers of primary years including the head-teacher and coordinator participated in this workshop. Dr. Baela Raza Jamil, the managing trustee of Sanjan Nagar was also present at the inaugural session.

This in-school workshop was the first of its kind facilitated by an IBO trainer. The workshop was also a prerequisite for the pre-authorization visit of the IBO officials expected in November this year.

Details: http://www.snpet.org/news-publications-detail/65.html

May 22nd, 2012:

Ms Beena Manzar held a short session with all school teachers and coordinators regarding upcoming Open House day. She listened to projects and challenges of each teacher and talked on work-around for solutions.

May 18th, 2012:

Ms Fareeha and Mr. Amir conducted a Three-Hour long English Language Proficiency workshop of all school teachers including evening school. The workshop facilitator taught effective ways to improve and practice English language in day-to-day teaching.

April 9th, 2012:

The school principal Ms Faiza Shahrukh expressed her words of thanks for Ms Rafia s services for Science and training in the following words.

"On behalf of all my staff members and coordinators I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop on Inquiry. It was a comprehensive one which had taught them how important planning is , which is to be done well before time and how important simple resources are for which they want students to make inquiries.

It had also given them a clear idea of all the phases of Inquiry. The session was long but very interestingly planned. It is requested if we can have a few more of such sessions based on measurements and some other fundamental areas of Science and Math that will give teachers of Primary years an idea how to develop Inquiry at basic level. Thank you once again.

Faiza Shahrukh"

March 30th, 2012:


Dr. RafiaAli conducted a full day professional development workshop on Inquiry based science for all the teachers participating in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) at SNPETs Campus - A. The principal and the high school science coordinator also participated.

The goal of the workshop was for teachers/coordinators was to experience inquiry as learners and understand that inquiry based science has a specific structure and is a very effective vehicle for learning science content and skills. The content selected was based on stream tables - working models of streams - with participants exploring the effect of inclination, water flow, type of soil and forestation on the characteristics of stream/river systems.

Click here to see more details and pictures.

March 16th, 2012:

2nd Collaborative Discourse with PYP and middle school science teachers. Middle and Senior school science teachers shared their reflections about Dr. Ali s engagement with 8th grade. They found the setting up of a word bank with English and Urdu translations of words /phrases used in scientific inquiry very useful. Mr.Noman said he had started making use of this tool in his classes. Teachers found the portion dealing with measurements well - structured but thought the inquiries - a series of six experiments on the first day to elicit children s prior knowledge - a little long drawn. One teacher wondered if children ought have been given explanations prior to the experiments.

Dr. Ali clarified that eliciting prior knowledge is a form of formative assessment - assessing what children already know to inform future instruction. Teachers had collectively conducted an inquiry assigned by Dr. Ali and were excited about the experience. They had discussed possible explanations with their peers. Some teachers handed in a self-reflective written assignment on their relationship with science.

March 9th, 2012:

To support the integration of inquiry based science in the PYP curriculum and middle school, Dr.Rafia Ali, a science educator and Beena Raza, both members of the SNPET education committee are facilitating a weekly collaborative discourse among the PYP and middle school science teachers. The objective is for teachers to reflect on their practices, engage directly in scientific inquiries and design units incorporating inquiry. In tandem with this activity the PYP math and science resource persons are developing learning progressions across grades 1 through 5 which will be reviewed by all participating teachers. The first collaborative discourse took place on March 9, 2012. All science teachers including school principal and coordinators attended this session A total of ten sessions will be conducted.

January 21st, 2012:

School coordinators Ms Naseem, Mr. Saood, Ms. Farzana and Ms. Raheela presided the Mid-Term planning session. The agenda of the session was to share the school s vision, SWOT analysis, review of the academic calendar, leave and fee policy etc. the session was attended by all morning and evening staff.

23rd November, 2011:

Principal Ms. Faiza Shahrukh and Ms. Naseem Rasheed attended 3 days IBO PYP workshop at Oberoi International School Mumbai India. MPYPH is the basic workshop which is initial requirement of IBO. Sanjan Nagar is in Candidacy Phase and is working hard for authorization. It was a good learning experience. The aspect of Inquiry, curriculum, assessment and other components were discussed and worked on in the workshop. The next step is In- School workshop for 12 staff members which will take place in 2012. The learning will be shared with the rest of the staff members in Collaborative sessions.

September 17th, 2011:

Ms Praminda Sabharwal, wife of High Commissioner of India conducted as review session on IBO PYP Learning and Teaching. It was to facilitate IBO-PYP coordinator Ms Naseem along with other primary school teachers to discuss what is done and learned up till now. She also addressed the basic important issues to be settled and checkout if school is in line to the requirements of IBO PYP before the pre - authorization visits of the IBO officials which we expect in November.

September 10th, 2011:

Ms. Iffat Ahmar Regional Manager of Mathletics Pakistan conducted a presentation for Math teachers at School. Mathematic teachers of all sections and levels attended this presentation. She admired the contribution of Sanjan Nagar in the field of Quality Education. Mathletic is a site which offers award winning programs to the students and teachers. Facilitate teachers to monitor and teach through ICT and develop smart approach in teaching.

August 6th, 2011:

An eight days workshop on Early Childhood Education was conducted at New Campus of SNPET CAMPUS-B by Ms. Misbah Rani. All primary and pre-school teachers of both campuses took part in the workshop. It was the first workshop held at Campus B since its commencement.

August 3rd, 2011:

Ms Fareeha Shahid, Ms Sajida Nawaz and Ms Rabia Rehman attended a two-days workshop on lesson planning and micro teaching conducted by Agha Khan Examination Board at City School Gulberg.

June 18th, 2011:

Pakistan Education Foundation PEF and British Council conducted a 10-Day workshop for teaching English Language for Secondary School teachers at the Sanjan Nagar HSS main Campus. It was a Certificate level course based on new research of teaching and learning. Ms. Saima Shauket, Ms. Arifa Mansoor, Josepheen Joseph and Principal Faiza Shahrukh participated in the workshop. The other 13 participants were from PEF affiliated schools in Lahore.

April 16th, 2011:

A workshop was held at ITA on the topic "To enhance Critical Thinking in the students" The workshop was conducted by Dr. Bernadette Dean, principal St. Joseph s College Karachi (former principal of Kinnard College). The presenter focused on many vital aspects of the topic and provided a thorough knowledge about the subject with various activities and reference materials. From SNPETHSS, Ms Fareeha Shid, Ms Obaid Gull and Mr. Saood ul Hassan in the participated in the workshop. Some participants from ITA also attended the workshop.

March 29th, 2011:

ITA organized and conducted an introductory workshop on teaching through eLearning software and CMPC (Tablet PCs). On 1st of March, Sanjan Nagar received ten CMPC Table PC from Intel Corp. These ten Table purpose-built note-books are equipped with a students software for collaborative learning and teaching. A teachers software is used to control a CMPC equipped classroom. The facilitors of the workshop explained each section of this software through hands-on practical.

March 26, 2011:

Under the umbrella of Seeds of Peace, Mr. Saood ul Hassan and Ms Sajida Nawaz from senior section attended a workshop on self esteem and resilience at Sunfort Hotel, Gulberg. Dr. Sajjad Ahmed, a clinical psychologist with his two colleagues, Ms Saadia and Ms Mehwish delivered a fruitful series of lectures. Teachers and head teachers from different renowned schools of the town attended this workshop.

February 20th, 2011:

ITA held a short feedback sharing session of PSU Alumnais at Sanjan Nagar. Ms Misbah Rani (2005), Mr. Saimon Robin (2006) and Ms Raheela (2009) shared their PSU experiences. The session was organized and recorded by PSU-PELI.

February 19th, 2011:

IBO Collaborative Session of primary and junior school teachers. Class and subject teachers of morning and evening school attended this session supervised by Ms Naseem Rasheed.

February 18th, 2011:

Middle school coordinator Ms Farzana Kausar, Junior School coordinator Ms Naseem Rasheed and Kindergarten Coordinator Ms Misbah Rani attended a two-day workshop on "Healthy Discipline". The workshop organized by ITA aimed to introduce new techniques to teachers and parents to control children while avoiding corporal punishment. The workshop facilitator talked on the following measures termed as Healthy Discipline techniques.

Logical Consequence Time out Offer a choice Problem solving.

February 3rd, 2011:

ICT project coordinator Ms Saima Shaukat and IT Teacher Mr. Zulfiqar Ali attended one-day introductory workshop on Connecting Class Online (CCO). Two teachers from community schools also attended the workshop.

With collaboration of ITA, the British Council initiated the CCO project in Pakistan. Under this project, Pakistani teachers will connect students of their classes with a selective school of UK and will work on a particular project. The project themes include working on cultural, natural, national, economical or scientific problems. The Sanjan Nagar will work as a hub for the cluster of CCO project. For more information please visit

http://cc.britishcouncil.org. Click here for more updates.

November 29th, 2010:

Ms Hira Abbas, Ms Saima Shaukat and Mr. Saddak Nasim participated in a 16-Day Intel Teach Essential Course for Master Trainer. The workshop was conducted by Intel Teach Program sponsored by Government of Punjab at Walton Girls High School.

November 15th, 2010:


An in-depth IBO Training Workshop held in the school by Ms Zakia Sarwar on miscellaneous English language Skills for teachers. All morning and evening teachers attended this important workshop.

November 13th, 2010:

A Workshop on En glish Language Skills for Teachers was held by Ms Zakia Sarwar from ITA. She taught many interesting ways to improve the English communication of students and teachers. All morning and evening teachers attended this workshop. She also listened individual problems of teachers in improving vocabulary and the latest techniques worldwide, since she is one of the eminent facilitators of English in Pakistan.

October 1st, 2010:

Mr. Saimon, Mr. Saddaq Naseem, and Ms. Fareeha attended a one-day workshop on "Formative Assessment and Processing Skills for teachers". The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Rafia. She is famous for teaching mathematical and scientific skills during general teaching. Sanjan Nagar school teachers have been receiving such teaching workshops by her before.

September 24th, 2010:

IBO coordinator Ms Naseem Rasheed conducted a special meeting with primary and middle school teachers about miscellaneous IBO matters as the school has successfully entered into the candidacy phase. She discussed IBO lesson plans, students learning portfolios and feedback of her recent parent meetings with primary school students.

September 22nd, 2010:

Ms Freeha and Mr. Saimon Robin attended a day long workshop on "Creative Techniques in Teaching of Science" at IPL/ITA. The workshop was facilitated by Ms Tasneem Zehra Husain, a scientist and theorist who got her PhD from Stockholm University. The workshop aimed to facilitate the familiarity with the scientific process and ability to implement the scientific methods in general teaching. Mr Saimon and Ms Freeha will replicate the activities at Sanjan Nagar that they learned during the workshop.

June 20th, 2010:

Ms Ayesha Fazal conducted a Five Days Workshop on Micro Teaching. All school teachers of morning and evening shifts participated in the workshop. Teachers worked on individuals assignments on making work-plans and implement it in a classroom.

June 14th, 2010:

Annual Teachers meeting held at the school and was presided by Ms. Faiza Shahrukh. The agenda was to discuss school result and calendar for the new session to be started from August 26, 2010. All class and subject teachers including school coordinators attended the meeting. Results of each class were discussed individually, highlighting the dropping and promoting students result.

June 7th, 2010:

A Six Day workshop by PEF held in the school on theme of "Learning with Joy". Around Twenty teachers from other schools and five teachers from Sanjan Nagar School participated in the workshop. The workshop facilitator taught many motivating ways to teach difficult subject topics in an interesting manner. The workshop lasted for six days. Certificates were distributed among the participant teachers at the end of the workshop.

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April 7th, 2010:

Early Childhood Teacher Ms. Misbah Rani has won the Anital Ghulam Ali Teacher s Award 2009 (AGATA 2009). She received a cheque of Rs. 100,000 as the prize money. She was awarded with a medal and souvenir for scoring highest score in the Anita Ghulam Ali World Teacher Day competition, in which many teachers participated from all over Pakistan. The award ceremony held at Agha Khan University campus Karachi.

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February 13th, 2010:

A special collaborative IBO-Planning meeting was conducted presided by Ms Faiza and Ms Naseem. This meeting was part of the IBO implementation program going on in the school since Ms Kathy visited the school. On initial basis, class II is selected as sample IBO-oriented class in which all IBO teaching and learning standards are applied with close monitoring of new assessment systems under the supervision of Ms Naseem and Ms Ayesha.

January 28th, 2010:

Ms Fareeha conducted a Hand writing workshop for senior school students. Students of class six to twelve attended this workshop. She highlighted the importance of hand-writing and gave innovative ideas for improving it. Respective class teachers were also there to attend this workshop.

January 12th, 2010:

Ms Rafia had a session with all science teachers. She helped science teachers in documenting their science practical work through latest lesson plan development skills. Dr. Rafia has been helping the school in assessment, evaluation of the teachers and interviewing the new inductees for Mathematics and Physics. She is also providing support in redesigning the physics lab manual. Dr. Rafia is working with both primary and higher secondary levels.

December 16-18, 2009:

A 3-Days Professional Development Training was conducted by Ms Ayesha Fazal on IBO Assessment Techniques. All subject and class teachers attended this workshop held in Resource Room of the school.

December 11, 2009:

Ms Beth Trudell conducted a workshop on English Grammar Skills here at the school. All subject and class teachers, of both shifts, attended this workshop. She introduced new effective techniques of teaching and learning English grammar and its application.

December 8th, 2009:

Ms. Beth conducted a one-day detailed workshop on Critical Thinking. All subject and class teachers attended the workshop. She shared new methods of introducing critical thinking skills in the students. She will conduct another workshop focusing on English Grammars skills in the next week.

November 18th, 2009:

Coordinator for Kindergarten section Ms Misbah Rani conducted a two days Teachers Training Workshop for Early Childhood Curriculum in Islamabad. The workshop was organized by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aghahi (ITA) sponsored by Uniliver Corp. in collaboration with Directorate of Staff Development Govt. of Pakistan. She taught different effective teaching skills to educate young learners of nursery and prep.

November 2nd, 2009:

Project work of six SNPET teachers has been short listed in the Intel Teach Program. Fifteen students took part in the Intel Project this year.

1. Madiha Dar

2. Naila Nadeem

3. Mahpara

4. Shaista Maryam

5. Misbah Rasheed

6. Saima Shauket

Interviews of these teachers will soon be taken for the further procedure.

August 3rd, 2009:

Ms. Ayesha Fazal conducted a six days IBO Introductory workshop. Mr. Ali, a former IB student, visited the school and shared his IB experiences during the session. Sanjan Nagar school is planning to get affiliation with IB under its Primary Year Program (PYP). The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers high quality programmes of international education to a worldwide community of schools. Please visit International Baccalaureate website for more information.

September 11th, 2009:

Sanjan Nagar teachers, Ms Saima Shaukat and Ms Naseem Rasheed conducted a short workshop on introduction and application of Intel Teach Program. The workshop conductor put light on the school s affiliation with IBO program and its application in Intel project. Each year all school teachers participate in the Intel Teach Program launched by Intel Corp. and Government of Punjab.

June 20, 2009:

Ms. Ayesha Fazal conducted a five days teacher workshop on English Learning and Teaching Skills. The workshop was organized by IPL (Institute of Professional Learning). All subject as well as class teachers attended this fruitful session. Last year, Ms. Ayesha conducted a similar workshop on Classroom Teaching Skills.

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July 22nd, 2009:

Senior School Science teachers Mr. Fiaz, Mr. Babar, Ms Farzana and Ms Fareeha attended a two-days Teacher Training workshop on paper construction. The workshop was conducted by AKU at La-salle School System. This session was really fruitful specially for the new teachers to understand the AKU style of exam papers.

April, 13th 2009:

A six days workshop was conducted by Ms Saima Shoukat. Government school teachers from surroundings including two teachers from SNPET HSS participated in the workshop. Ms Nasira Gardezi, head of Intel Program for Lahore district also visited the workshop and had views of the participants during their practical session here at SNPET school.

April 3, 2009:

A workshop for Junior and Primary school students conducted by Ms. Raheela at SNPET school.

March 31, 2009:


A workshop was conducted by Mr. Saood-ul-Hassan (Coordinator) & Ms. Fareeha Shahid (Science Teacher) of SNPETHSS for all (Junior & Senior) Teachers. Following topics were focused during workshop:

  • Research based Teaching
  • Why Teachers burnout (With exercise based activities)
  • Seven basic techniques of good teaching
  • Tips of Science Lab. Handling (For Chemistry Teachers)

March 24, 2009: