The Education Program

In 1995, the Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust (SNPET) was set up as an English Medium high school for girls in the Kot Lakhpat industrial area of Lahore. The flagship school was subsequently upgraded to Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust Higher Secondary School (SNPETHSS). SNPETHSS is a registered entity with the Education Directorate Govt. of Punjab. In August 2003, the school shifted to a purpose-built facility in Glaxo Town, Ferozepur Road. Click here to find it on map.

Since its inception, due to the unprecedented inflation and economic constraints the Board reviewed the sustainability of the program. Fees was introduced at one fourth the cost in September 2011. SNPET is committed to families in need and provides scholarships/subsidies for 10-12% students from its funds. (Details on fees and admission criteria can be obtained from each campus for interested families) 

The Trust is expanding its program under the umbrella of the Sanjan Nagar School System (SNSS) whereby each school/campus will have its own unique name under the banner of SNSS. In 2012 there are three campuses operating in Lahore. SNPET is about evolving schools for the future as a research and development venture focused on engaging with learning as a continuous organic process. It is the first experiment of its kind that is seeking to provide an alternative holistic system of education geared to the flowering of human intellect and character. It is doing this by:

  • Providing education to girls and boys of a standard acceptable internationally up to Grade 12 for meaningful interactions across geographies within and outside Pakistan 
  • Ensuring its students are capable of seeking professional qualifications based on merit and aspirations 
  • Improving the quality of teaching resources through continuous professional development of all staff 
  • Providing access to students for emerging technologies and preparation for livelihoods