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Stories of Hope - Students/Alumni

Alisha Khan Amina Chaudhary Attiya Anwar Fizza Hafeez


Sadia Sarwar Class of 2006:

I joined Sanjan Nagar in 1996. I feel lucky when I glance back at my ten golden years I spent at Sanjan Nagar. This institution has equipped me with an excellent multifaceted education and experiences winch will be helpful throughout my future, much to the pride of my parents! Unlike the outdated education system widely prevalent in the country, Sanjan Nagar offers contemporary learning that matches the fertile minds of the young. The teachers help students develop excellent communication skills through conceptual learning and there is no rote-learning in their dictionary.. I am currently at the FC College University studying for an M. Phil. with merit based scholarship I have been successful in continuing to give an outstanding performance in my studies.

Attiya Anwar - Class of 2007

Sanjan Nagar is a great name; it is an institution that has taught me the true meaning of life. When I moved to the outer world after matriculation (2007) I witnessed an entirely different world with different people and systems. This institution had imparted such healthy attributes in my personality that helped me through university. As a student of Sanjan Nagar I enjoyed multiple opportunities and participated in competitions and won the Science Olympiad at the provincial level. After completing my sixteen years of education from Government College University I returned back to Sanjan Nagar for teaching and it welcomed me whole heartedly. This is my time to give back and share the ethos with the next generation of students. Being an alumni I am delighted to return to fulfill the words of Mr. Raza Kazim who stated "I have laid the foundation of Sanjan Nagar but I will win its aim the day you (students) will come back after completing your education and serve it." I am thankful to the great man for the idea of Sanjan Nagar for people like me who cannot even think of good education- Sanjan Nagar has been my enabler, a candle emitting endless rays in my life. I am thankful to Sanjan Nagar for making me a better human being. 

Sadia Khans Transformation through Education Class of 2007:

Calling myself revolutionary would nott be an exaggeration, it is the quality of Sanjan Nagar. The world around me changed and the clouds of illiteracy withered away. Sanjan Nagar sparkled like a diamond in the sky, Its rays penetrated me, its warm and gentle AIMS held me like my mother through my entire journey of learning My family halls from Swat. My family village is in Matta, Swat; I have just graduated with a double degree of BA. BEd.

Saba Ali - Class of 2008:

1998 was the year when I joined "the Sanjan Nagar Family, yes, I would call it a family and not an institution because it brought me up from a child to where I stand today. I remember that! had to skip 2 years of school to shift from an Urdu medium to an English medium school and I cried bitterly during those first two days of school. What SNPET gave me, made me forget every other thing. It is diary of empowerment that would fill volumes. Brilliant, able and ambitious teachers were always there to guide me ; it was really everything that a student could dream and wish for. I was given every single opportunity to polish and brighten my skills and talents. How can I forget the brilliant opportunity of spending an academic year at US that further enhanced my personality. Today, I am a 3rd year student in Fatima Jinnah Medical College, and I would like to give all the credits after my parents to Sanjan Nagar, which made it possible for me to stand on a solid ground and made me fearless, caring and competitive in life. It taught me how not to wait for the opportunity to come to you, but to strive for what you want!

Sidra Shoaib - Class of 2012:

If you can dream k you can do It . the future belongs to those who believe In the beauty of their dreams.

We are the reality of the future. L am a seed that Sanjan Nagar planted years ago .it nourished me and has prepared me for everything I face today and will face tomorrow. Sanjan Nagar is a school which recognizes dignity and good organization. My teachers directed me at every step, exposed me to arts, music, sports, dance and so much more! While learning at Sanjan Nagar I achieved distinctions in Physics and Computer Science in my Matriculation. It is all of us students, learning everyday, empowering ourselves with knowledge and self confidence, who will be the true change we are all waiting for, the leaders we are all looking for, the nourishment this nation needs. Words alone cannot express what Sanjan Nagar would always mean to me... but Sanjan Nagar is where I belong to! My advice to you "Remember you are born to live, do not live because you are born. & there are many more indeed who do us proud and have promised support to SNSS as interns !

Aqsa Munir - Student of Grade Nine 2013:

I am so grateful that l am a part of Sanjan Nagar Schools. Today whatever I am is just because of my teachers and this unique school. I am a science student here. My school makes me an ambitious human being but always humble. Sanjan Nagar is the institution which grooms me like my mother. I have just come back from U.S where I spent one academic year after a merit based program 0EARN) and my school helped me throughout this phase. This exposure gave me a lot of confidence and opportunity to make myself an international-minded person. I have seen people paying a lot of fee but not getting good quality education. I am lucky and proud to be a Sanjan Nagar student because it has provided me every facility which girls need in Pakistan to he EMPOWERED.

Atta- ur-Rehman - Grade Seven 2013

I am student of grade seven at SNSS. I joined the school in 2005 I enjoy learning at my school always. I like all the activities offered, especially art and music because I am very fond of art and expression. Sanjan Nagar facilitates me to increase my knowledge and understanding about our world around; it helps me to know my abilities and is really Enabling my Future. I am proud to be a "Sanjan Nagarian". May my SANJAN NAGAR progress in leaps and bounds.... Ameen

Ayesha Zaib Grade 10th - 2010):

Needs start when resources end and what would be a better resource for a student than Sajan Nagar School.

I am Ayesha Zaib and I have been studying in Sanjan Nagar since I was old enough to start school. Sanjan Nagar provided all the basic needs for my three year old mind to grow into a talented, intelligent, confident and a bold student. It has groomed my hidden skills. I will be graduating from the school in May 2011 and I know I am ready to explore and talk to the world ahead. Sanjan Nagar has also provided me with a lot of opportunities which also include my one year stay in the Unites States of America as a Youth Exchange Student. This stay brought about a tremendous change in my life as I was staying with totally different people in a new culture. Since than I have also been a part of the Mock Parliament held by the Organization Seeds of Peace and has learned a lot about politics. Interestingly I have also discovered leadership qualities in myself but not the leaders you currently see. Thank God! Sanjan Nagar has also exposed me to art, music, drama, dance, computer science, maths, debates and many other things. It has taught me how to think and have given me the confidence to build on those thoughts with actions. Sanjan Nagar school staff, principal and the trustees should be glad to hear that one of their stars is planning to shine as a future pediatrician. Finally, I would like to say Mr. Raza Kazim you are an angel with a vision because of you a revolution occurred in my life and my familys life, by allowing me to be the change you dreamed of.