SNPET participation in Faiz International Festival 2018

The event is held annually in November to commemorate the death anniversary of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, which falls on 20th November. Alhamra Arts Council comes alive with poetry, music, and enthusiasts of all ages, remembering and celebrating the life and works of great writers and philosophers.
It is an amalgamation of music, art, and literature, Faiz International Festival –features theatrical performances, musical evenings, film screenings, art exhibitions, panel discussions, folk nights and a lot more.
This year event was commenced on 16th to 18th Nov. SNPET senior students performed on 17th that include

  • Mashup  of  Ghazals

“Ye dagh dagh Ujala”
“Hum Dekhy Gy”

  • A skit on Faiz poetry (based on Prison letter / Rawalpindi Conspiracy )
  • Sufi Raqs performance
  • Choir Performance: “Meray Dil Meray Musafir”
  • Mushyra (Bait bazi) Poets: Faiz , Habib Jalib, Zahra Nigha, Parveen Shakir

 It is an initiative of Faiz Foundation Trust, which was established in 2008. The festival features 70+ activities, including panel discussions on literature, film, drama, activism, and history, as well as book launches, theatrical plays, musical performances and art exhibitions. Besides food and merchandise stalls, there is also a collection of wonderful books exhibited.
More than 100 scholars, speakers, and panelists participated in the event. While  performances by more than 30 national and international artists were also slated to spellbound the audience.
The Faiz International Festival provided a wonderful opportunity to our students and teachers to interact with luminaries of the arts, pose our questions, and express our feelings.