The use of the Library shall be open to the members of the following categories:

  • Faculty and Staff
  • Students on the roll of the Institute

Books and other materials of the following description shall not be issued to borrowers but may be consulted in the Library during working hours

  • Reference books like encyclopedia, reports and other reference materials
  • Reserved books
  • Rare books and protected documents
  • Any other material at the discretion of the Librarian

Books may be borrowed by the Registered Library Members only. Borrowing Privileges are strictly not transferable. Borrowing books on someone else’s card is not permissible.
Book is not returned on the due date a fine is charged
Books are returned within 7 working days


Monday to Thursday                08:00 A.M to 02:00 P.M
Friday                                      08:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M
Saturday                                  08:00 A.M to 12:45 P.M


The collection of Sanjan Nagar School library with more than 10,000 books, providing reading and reference material for students and teachers including encyclopedias, general and subject dictionaries, directories, six trans-disciplinary IB-PYP themes are organized for the primary years in the library and progressively relevant books for middle and high school. Library has the great collection on IB learner profile. Library has the collection of national and international publishers.
Library has a huge collection on Urdu and English literature Serials are also subscribed

  • Reader’s digest
  • National geographic
  • Taleem-o-tarbiat
  • Uran tashtri
  • Spider


  • DAWN


Reference service
Library provides ready reference service. School library also provides materials according to programs and events/needs. When new arrivals come relevant users are informed.
Multimedia service
Library also provides multimedia service. The library also supports A / V resources, including television, smart board and multimedia for different trainings and animation movies.
Library offers free wireless access (Wi-Fi) within the library and is available to authorized users only.
Mini library
There are mini libraries or library corners in class rooms. Mini library collection is based on the theme or concept on which class is working. Library provides the resources or material according to their topics or concepts. Rest is on IB Learner Profile.
Book Loans Service
The book issue/ return, renewals and hold services are provided at the Circulation Desk. The Circulation Desk is located at the entrance of the Library. The desk is staffed throughout the Library in opening hours.
LIMS(library information management system) is being used in the library. Patrons records and collection record is done. All modules of this software are being used.
Online resources
On-line resources are also available for students and teachers.