SNPET Alumni

 An Alumni Body Established in 2012 Visit Alumni Blog at 

The graduate students Alumni have now formed a formal support group with over 20 members to discuss their work, challenges in universities and workplace, future plans and ways to support the growing Sanjan Nagar School System including internships. They strongly feel that they are the best mentors who can infuse the spirit and ethos of the system in to new campuses and students – to imbibe and multiple a very unique system and its essence. 

Many of our students have been high achievers in the FBISE and AKUEB HSSC and SSC final examinations and are pursuing professional qualifications in the areas of Economics, Medicine, Education, Commove, Engineering, Nursing and Medical Technologies.

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  • Sadie Sarwar: Class of 2006,
  • Sadie Khan: Class of 2007 ( Transformation through Education)
  • Sidra Shoalb - Class of 2012

SNPET Alumni meetings at the school.

Date: November 3rd, 2012

5th SNPET Alumnis Meeting held at the main campus. All previous alumins including Sidra Hussain, Sadia Sarwar, Jameela Shaheen and other participated the meeting. Some main points that were discussed are as follows 

  • Overview  of the last meetings
  • Introduction of alumni about their academic career
  • Discussion and suggestions about school magazine 
  • Discussion about upcoming Mena Bazaar
  • Discussion about alumni party
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Meeting 2