89th Birthday celebration of Mr. Raza Kazam and Inaugural ceremony of SNPET-HSS Auditorium

It was indeed a special day for all of us – the management, staff, students, and parents of SNPET-HSS, as occasion draw unparalleled enthusiasm in us as we witnessed a harmonious blending of the school with the community. It was the blessed morning of 12th Jan’2019, where the SNPET’s founder; Mr. Raza Kazim , his family, guests, well-wishers, and parents had all gathered to take part in the celebration of the Mr.Raza Kazim’s Birthday and inaugural ceremony of school Auditorium,now equipped with light and stage equipment.

Raza Kazim accompanied by Ms.Baela Raza Jamil and Mr.Haider Raza and Ms.Noor Zahra. The family received a very warm welcome upon his arrival. The students and staff members of Sanjan Nagar were honored and also very excited at having the opportunity to host the birthday celebrations of Raza Kazim, a friend, mentor, and supporter of Sanjan Nagar family.

The celebrations started with the tape cutting ceremony of inauguration. Later school choir presented their tribute by singing school song and poem from Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s poetry. After choir‘s performance, principal Ms.Farzana Kausar presented her vote of thanks to a great leader for years. Later parent, alumni, and students shared their views about the Raza Kazim ‘s endeavors for being a non-judgmental friend and mentor and facilitating a change for the better in hundreds of lives that he touched. The celebrations ended with cake cutting ceremony complimented Sir Raza’s views about the celebration:
He was deeply moved and expressed his happiness said that he saw a dream long ago and today he has witnessed the realization of his dream. he was expecting the new generation including teachers and students of SNPET to carry forward his dreams.

It was indeed a great honor and pleasurable ceremony for all participants. I am very thankful to all guests, parents, students, and faculty for making this event an unforgettable one.