Partnerships & Collaborations with LUMS School of Education

The SNPET-HSS is in collaboration with LUMS School of Education and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the purpose of strengthening collaboration between both the institutions. Both organizations had collaborated in the following fields

  • School challenges shared  by SNPET with LUMS-SOE on 28th Sep’18
  • Grade 5 students visited LUMS-Digital Library. on 29th Oct 2018
  • School team attended a session on 7th Dec.  to EduSpeak 2018
  • “Myths about Urdu: an Exercise in Deconstruction, Debunking and Amendment" - Speaker: Dr.Tariq Rahman,
  • Field engagements: Four Students from SOE to visit our school (Feb-Mar. 2019)