Ms. Romeena Kureishy and Ms. Azra Mansoor’s Visit to SNPET

Ms. Romeena Kureishy with her mother, the famous actor educator and storyteller Azra Mansoor visited Sanjan Nagar on 17th January 2022 at 10 am. Ms. Kureishy is the lead Urdu Instructor at NYU Teacher Training Institute and also works as an Independent Urdu Specialist for the American Councils for International Education. She is involved with non-profit organizations, promoting South Asian art and culture in the Tri-State area.

Ms. Romeena Kureishy visited SNPET to support its teachers in enhancing their pedagogical skills in teaching Urdu. After having round to the school, the duo had a conversation with SNPET's core team discussed various activities at school. Ms. Romeena observed Urdu classes of grades 4, 5, 7, and 9 shared collective feedback to all teachers accompanied by the leadership team of the school. Ms. Romeena shared various strategies for teaching Urdu that could also be used for teaching English also.

She showed her interest to create a group for Urdu teachers to share the links and resources with teachers and about the online training sessions. The visitors shared their comments on the school’s Vistors’ book, and the school team presented a token of love and appreciation to her.