Dr.Taeed Ahmed Butt session on Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Dr.Taeed Ahmed Butt (Professor of Pediatrics at Government of Punjab) conducted a very informative and useful session on Type 1 Diabetes which is very commonly found in children. He was head general pediatrics and department of pediatric endocrinology till he retired. During his stay he reorganized endocrine services and diabetic clinics of Children hospital. He retired in 2012 from government service. He is still actively involved in teaching and provides endocrine support services in various private and government hospitals of the city. He regularly holds a consultancy in General pediatric / Endocrinology in Lahore Health Care.

He shared information about types of Diabetes, symptoms, use of insulin, new diagnostic tools for measuring insulin and physiological and psychological effects of diabetes. Middle and Secondary school students attended the session. Few parents were also present in that session. At the end students and teachers ask questions about use of insulin and particular diet for diabetic patients. Dr.Sajid Maqbool and Ma’am Tasneem Maqbool coordinated that session. Dr.Sajid committed that he will arrange another session on nutrition within two weeks in the continuation of that session. Overall, it is a very good initiative to promote good and healthy life and health awareness among Sanjan Nagar Community.